Power amp for NAD 370


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Aug 16, 2007
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Could someone tell me how using a power amp with my intergrated NAD C370 (120w) would change the sound? I have a very large living room 4m x 7m that that should be properly filled with music...

And if so what kind of second hand power amp should I go for (would really like 2nd hand bargain).



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well it depends on what you want to do. and what the speakers are and can do.but i would have thought that the amp should be up to the job on its own.

i have the 372 and that was fin in my slightly smaller 3.5 X 4.8 room. But i reacently upgraded and added the 272 power amp to bi-amp the speakers for more control.

can you get into your local Nad dealer and chat about the options?

you could also use the 370 just as a pre amp and connect a couple of mono blocks or a stereo power amp?

there are many options but look to the speakers first.