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Possible Upgrades?


Jul 14, 2020
New member here and by no means an audiophile...I just like listening to my vinyl. That being said, I'm running a somewhat vintage system and am looking at potential upgrades. Doesn't need to be low budget, but not looking to break the bank either. Now, for the record, I'm very happy with my setup as it is now, but looking to see what I can do to raise the bar a bit, though I'm not sure I'll be able to hear the difference anyway.

What I'm running:
  • Mitsubishi LT-30 with a Shure V 15 Type IV cartridge (not sure of the stylus)
  • Little Bear T7 pre-amp
  • Tandberg TR-2060 receiver
  • Snell Acoustics Type K speakers
Understanding that the pre-amp is the first place where an upgrade is obvious, I'm looking at the Musical Fidelity V90-LPS. Any better suggestions for a similar price range?

Should I look at changing the cartridge? I appreciate any and all input.



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