PC speakers: Q Acc 3010i or 3020 TV Speakers: Q Acc 3020i or Comcept 20

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Aug 10, 2020

I need to replace my PC speakers.

I can't currently audition, but am running out of patience with my fill in bluetooth speakers, so am going to have to spend some money 'deaf' whether I upgrade my placeholder or take a punt on a solution.

Based in UK,

3010i and 3020 seem about right size wise and would appear to be decent quality options, whilst costing about the same as a reasonable set of PC active speakers. I get the impression that the 3010i's are the better bet, but can't shake the feeling that going with the smaller drivers is, well, 'wrong' all other things being equal. Obviously all other things aren't equal, but I'd appreciate any pointers/comparisons between the two.

While I'm at it I thought I'd might as well add some speakers to my TV, primarily to increase dialogue clarity. Currently using the built in speakers. Don't have room for anything larger than 2.0/2.1, and can't get more than about 1 metre separation between L/R, nothing behind the speakers but one will be adjacent to a wall. Again Concept 20's and 3020i's appear to fit price/size/performance requirements. The price of Concept 20's compared to 3020i's appears to make them a no brainer?

That would leave me needing an amp. So far requirements are 1 digital in (2 pref) and 2 speaker outs.

Yamaha RN303D/RN602 appear obvious candidates. Varying bluetooth/internet features which would be nice but not essential, the sub out on the 602 seems like a nice insurance policy. On the other hand that sort of money would also make the Marantz PM 6006/ Denon PMA-800NE options. Having whittled down my speaker options I'm now doing the same on the amps, but again any guidance appreciated.



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Apr 30, 2012
For the desktop setup I'd look at stuff like Audioengine A2+ or A5+ or a pair of active monitors like Yamaha HS5 with some sort of volume control (cheapest would be Behringer UCA202, or a Focusrite or M Audio interface). The studio monitors would offer the best audio quality - for nearfield at least - out of any option. The Q Acoustics are small from the front but very deep. If you are dead set on passives, look at Dali Spektor 1 with some sh Rotel or Marantz. Whatever you get, you should try to isolate the speakers from the desk - at least some blu tack or isonoes or whatever.

As for the TV, why not get a soundbar, like Sonos? If it's for music too, then yes, a stereo system would be preferable, but not ideal with 1m in-between the speakers, and defo more space consuming. Look at Iotavx SA3 with Dali or Elac speakers. Maybe Triangle BR02.

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Aug 10, 2020
Thanks for taking the time.

The studio monitors would offer the best audio quality - for nearfield at least - out of any option. The Q Acoustics are small from the front but very deep. If you are dead set on passives, look at...

It's not so much that I'm dead set on passives as that is where I've ended up.

I've been using actives for years, and I'm not against them but there is invariably a compromise. I spend a lot of time in my workspace and once we start getting to prices where I could buy a reasonable set of speakers rather than a reasonable set of PC speakers other factors like build quality, warranty, and points of failure tilt me towards a more traditional set up.

The depth is one of the reasons I ended up at the 3010i/3020's. I couldn't fit the 3020i's, but should just about be able to accommodate the 3010i's which are a little deeper than the 3020s, hence the 3020/3010i shootout! I've even knocked up some cardboard replicas to make sure!

I'd certainly consider other speakers but the Q ACC ticked a number of boxes in that they offered a coherent range to size up while I was narrowing options, decent reviews, and aren't going to be aesthetically jarring to live with at close quarters.

I have a few problems with a soundbar. TV sits on a cabinet at the end of a bed. Soundbar would be low and firing at my feet! Also surely the separation on a 65cm wide sound bar is going to be less than 2 speakers with a meter wide tv between them?

Off to check out your other recs.

Thanks again.


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