Panasonic's MZ1500 OLED TV looks cool – but the LG C3 has one key advantage


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Jan 26, 2021
Hi, Thank you for putting pressure on the industry into putting more HDMI ports on TVs. That being said I have a couple of issues with the article.
Firstly, I search What HiFi and I find no group test of HDMI switchers (and/or splitters) So I'm wondering are switchers and splitters so useless as not to be worth a test? Does What HiFi feel they are irrelevant or maybe there's an idea that you think that TV should have more ports.
I'm confused because it looks to me like there are manual 120hz 4k switchers on Amazon and at less than a hundred pound.
So secondly, if there are switchers and splitters around (and they work) then why very strong comments about the lack of hdmi ports on the Panasonic. Question becomes, annoying as the lack of ports on the Panasonic is, is it worth spending an extra hundred to get the additional ports.
If these switchers and splitters do work and only cost around hundred and if the Panasonic is a really impressive set (which you say it is) then I don't understand the:
"could have made the MZ1500 a “game changer” and one of the first TVs in recent memory with the chops to challenge LG’s C-line for price and performance. But sadly it looks like that won’t happen this year. "
For my part, I'm not that fussed about four ports and even if I were, I'd happily pay a hundred extra if I thought the TV was worth it. On the other hand if switches and splitters don't work then it would very much affect my buying decision between a Panasonic and LG.
Please could you advice if HDMI switches and splitters actually work and whether you'd consider a group test in future? Thank you :)


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