Panasonic TV TX-L32G20, twin freesat/Bluray DMR -BS850EB and DVD DMR-EZ49VEB - issues


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Aug 10, 2019
Equipment purchased in date order 01/01/2000 - Netgear wireless router (already had this) - Ethernet to G20 TV and 850 Bluray
21/09/2010 - Panasonic TX-L32G20 TV freesat and freeview tuners
21/09/2010 - Panasonic DMR-BS850EB Bluray Disc recorder with twin freesat tuners and 500GB HDD - scart to G20
29/09/2010 - Panasonic DMR-EZ49VEB DVD-VHS recorder - freeview turner - scart to G20
17/11/2010 - Buffalo 500Gb HDD attached to Panasonic G20 TV for rewind live TV 25/11/2010 - Marantz NR1601 AV receiver (HDMI 1.4) - hdmi to 850 and ez49, hdmi to hdmi2(ARC) on G20, digital optical cable to G20
25/11/2010 - KEF T305 speakers and KEF T-2 Subwoofer
25/11/2010 - QED cabling 25/11/2010 - lots of remotes This maybe useful to anyone purchasing a Panasonic setup similar to my setup. I have emailed Panasonic many times and have not received any reply that they acknowledge any of these issues.
  • The remotes (button layout/position, names) are different between the G20, 850 and EZ49, user interface is confusing as same function are in different positions on the various remotes
  • The EPG Guides are different between the G20, 850 and EZ49 - the G20 has a search feature and the 850 does not
  • The i button - using the TV remote use viera link to the 850 then either watch a recorded TV programme or start the 850 Guide; then using the TV remote press i - nothing really happens, - I would like to suggest that the i button function relates to the viera linked device ie 850 (or add the i button function to the menu of the option button). I believe people really would like to see the info for the related programme that is on the TV screen.
  • The i button information during playback is truncated - all the programme information is actually missing
  • TV G20 USB HDD - would be nice if USB HDD could be unplugged from TV (or better shared) for use by a PC (ie 500GB as 2x250GB partitions - one for PC and one for TV) - reserving the entire HDD just for TV (rewind live TV) use is very restrictive. I would like to use the USB HDD to backup my PC folders, copy music and photos.
  • The 850 should support rewind live tv on its internal 500GB HDD - like he G20 using an external 500Mb hard drive
  • Support other (ITV) iplayers when available - only BBC iplayer works fine
  • Support for other USB devices/adapters (wireless adapter, webcam, bluetooth adapter etc) - the Panasonic versions are extremely expensive when compare to what is available


Using media server on the Panasonic tx-l32g20 television works fine to display my pictures/photos from my Dell laptop (Vista) provided the pictures are stored under ../users/name/pictures. However I have moved all my pictures to an external harddisk (G:) and changed the default pictures location (pictures:property:location) to point the G: and the G20 TV media server now fails to find any pictures. On my laptop clicking pictures works fine and shows the photos stored on the external hard drive.

Is there something else I need to set please ?


Viera cast is very limited.... not too sure what you can actually use.

To use a webcam you need to purchase Panasonic's own webcam which is very expensive


Received this from Panasonic support.....
Unfortunately, it will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed.


I can get Media Server on my G20 to play music stored in WPM (Vista Dell laptop), but I cannot get itunes music to play. I know WPM and itunes use different formats to store their files, but it would be nice if Panasonic supported both types.
Oh dear, looks like you're talking ot yourself!

Your first post with different fonts & font sizes certainly doesn't help. I got lost in the middle. What is it exactly that you're asking? Your G20 should find the music & other media stored in your computer & play music.


:cry: I have had my panasonic G20 and 850 bluray since Sept 2010 and I am very disappointed with Panasonic support to fail to supply any software/firmware upgrades at all..... I would have thought Panasonic would have addressed some outstanding issues like the remote control i button not working correctly or even delivered new firmware features like Viera connect.

So to everyone thinking of buying Panasonic - note you only get what you see and do not expect and future software enhancements.

Maybe What-HiFi could clearly point this fact out to their readers.


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