Onkyo TXSR505E - upscaling, video put does not seem to be working


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Aug 10, 2019
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I hope someone can help me. My system is as follows:

Onkyo TXSR505E AV Receiver (sound is great couple to Tannoy speakers!)

Sky + non HD with S-Video out

Sony RDR GX120 DVD Recorder with Component and S-Video out

Sony Bravia (Model) KDL-32D3000 LCD TV

What I want to do, is push everything through the Receiver, benefit from the surround sound and then have one video out to the TV. Thought this would be easy - connect the video ina to the receiver, receiver upscales to HDMI and then output this via an HDMI cable to the TV. I have probably got this all wrong as new to all this, but that is what I thought I could do and I thought this was the whole point of a receiver with HDMI upscaling.

Anyhow, cannot make this work so any help would be appreciated. Observations:

TV never seems to detect the output from the receiver

Not sure if I need to assign all inputs and if I do I can't work out how to do this on the receiver

Any ideas appreciated? I really want to take advantage of the functionality. Thanks


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Dave,

You haven't got the wrong idea, just the wrong receiver: the Onkyo 505 only supports HDMI switching - ie you can plug two HDMI devices into it (eg DVD player and Sky HD) and make a single HDMI connection to your TV. You can do the same with component video devices - several in, one out.

What the 505 doesn't do, however, is HDMI upscaling, where you can take those analogue sources and upscale them and output them via an HDMI connection. For that you'd need the slightly pricier Onkyo SR605.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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For a kick-off, I'm afraid the TX-SR505E doesn't have video upscaling - for that you need to move up to the TX-SR875.

And neither will it do the kind of video upconversion you're after, where a whole variety of video input formats can be connected, then output via a single HDMI to the TV - for that, you need the more expensive TX-SR605.

The TX-SR505E can only output video in the same format it's input.


Don't be sorry - my fault. Thanks for the quick clarification


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