Onkyo TX-SR875 Muting issue


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, Ive just got myself the the Onkyo amp and am really really pleased with it.

I had a nasty surprise , though, yesterday. I went to mute the sound, Instead of muting, it appeared to alter the volume to the loudest setting it will go. I got quite a scare! I thought it might be my Harmony remote having a wobbly, but it does the same with the Onkyo remote.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Nope, but check the muting level setting in screen 6-1 of the set-up menus: ie Miscellaneous/Volume Set-up. You may find it's got accidentally set to some outlandish number!


Checked the muting level setting, and it was set to 'infinity' , which according to the manual is total silence.

One thing I did notice though, is that I could not alter the level of the mute volume in this menu. Ive done a bit of googling and have found that someone in Australia has had the same issue. I did what they were told and reset my amp to the factory default.

It appears to have sorted it out. I will be keeping an eye, or rather , an ear on it though, as the person also said that it reverted back to producing the 'mute blast' within a week.

The dealer I had purchased it from had not heard of the problem, nor had Onkyo themselves. I guess im just lucky!