Onkyo SR875 set-up - 1 final question - Speaker set-up


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Aug 28, 2007
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Hello again - Sorry for being a complete newbie, I have one final question.

I have the Onkyo SR875 currently with the Sony SA-VE835 speakers (until I can afford better).

Re: Crossover frequency - They are currently set at 150Hz for all speakers, No Surround back, Subwoofer Yes and LPF of LFE at 80Hz. I assume this was set during the Auto setup, are these settings right?

When using the test tones from the onkyo the Sub woofer sounds quite loud, but when using the test tones from a THX Optimizer (from Star Wars DVD) I can barely hear the Sub woofeer.

I also played a bit of De-Ja Vu Blu ray with PCM 5.1 through my PS3, and it sounded like I had less Bass than when I used my old Sony STRDB-1080 in DD 5.1, The explosions wasn't very explosive!!

Any help Would be appreciated.

And thanks to Andrew for all your help so far!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Yes all sounds about right to me. Yes the sub will be quieter in use than during set-up. And probably you had the sub set way too loud with your old amp - my rule of thumb is that if you can actually hear the sub working, you've got it all wrong.

But then again, if you want some more welly, there's nothing to stop you turning the sub up a bit. It's your system, so the best way to enjoy it is the way you want it to sound.

BTW do you know why the Dolby and THX stings at the start of movies are so loud? It's because cinemas always used to have their sound systems set so loud they were staring to clip and break up. So the Dolby and THX guys designed the stings so they were so loud the projectionists would go '*$~&!!!!" and rapidly back the levels off a bit!


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