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Question Onkyo: how create multiple audio playlist in Onkyo app ? ( audio from usb source )


Oct 1, 2020

I have net audio stereo 2-channel receiver Onkyo 8270tx, and I have this question:

How can I play music files (flac, mp3) stored on my usb disk connected locally to my audio receiver ?
I mean to play music from my own playlist created before.
I mean how to create different playlist ( different playlist names), how to save?

Yes, there is some very dumb option how to add just playing song to default playlist.
But I want to have more playlist to create / save. Not just one.
Another issue > Also after device is reset / switch off, also this one dumb playlist is disappeared :(
Any idea how to save playlist in cloud or something ?
FYI: I dont want to play spotify playlist, I want to play my own music stored locally.

From my experience this is not possible with Onkyo app,
But probably via Denon/Heos ecosystem this is possible, Correct ?
To save permanent playlist in cloud or in usb device.
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