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  1. D

    Question Old Onkyo Integra/B&W and New KEF - how to best integrate?

    Hi Guys, Hoping to get some help. I'm very new to the HT scene. I had recently bought the KEF Q750 for front L/R, and KEF Q650 as centre, and a Yamaha RXV-2085 AV receiver. I've now only realised behind some boxes in the basement, were a pair of Onkyo Integra TX-DS989 (apparently top of the...
  2. Santho

    Nad M25 question.

    Just bought a nad m25, which i have hooked up to my onkyo TX-NR717 and it's making a audible pop noise when im turning it of... it's not super loud or anything but i was just wondering if this is something i should be worried about? Is this normal when using power amps? i've never really owned a...
  3. andrewHiFi

    Question Onkyo: how create multiple audio playlist in Onkyo app ? ( audio from usb source )

    Hi I have net audio stereo 2-channel receiver Onkyo 8270tx, and I have this question: How can I play music files (flac, mp3) stored on my usb disk connected locally to my audio receiver ? I mean to play music from my own playlist created before. I mean how to create different playlist (...
  4. ethomas

    From TX-NR609 to Onkyo TX-RZ740

    Hello All, For the past 4 years i have been using the TX-NR609. I just upgrade to TX-NR609. All speakers calibration are at 12 but volume is terribly so low. With the 609, with the intellivolume at +12dB, my volume was always 20 - 25 With the 740 with (my input volume ?), i need to go till 45...
  5. JoelOman

    So, I've decided on the spreakers. But what amp?

    Hiya all! I've been dwelling back and forth between what bookshelf speakers I want to get for a new "budget system from scratch" to my 25kvm (~269sqft) living room and the choice fell on the ELAC Debut B5.2. Now all I need is an amplifier to get things going. It needs to have a built in DAC...