Onkyo 606 compact replacement


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Jul 5, 2008
I have a Onkyo 606 and I need to change it for something smaller but don't want to downgrade the sound. I really I need something under 160mm tall. Anyone got a suggestion? And before you ask, it's a wife thing,.........*help*


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Jan 16, 2013
Last of the Marantz 1607s are being sold off at US$500 here, so probably GBP500 in the UK.

Newer Marantz 1608 is US$750 so probably GBP750 in the UK.

Both are 7.2, Atmos enabled, and 4K Ultra HD/60Hz full rate pass-through with HDR, BT.2020, 4:4:4 Pure Color support; full HCDP 2.2 support. and 4K Up-scaling, so about as "future proof" as anything these days.

You pay a bit of a premium for the "slimline" profile and power is down compared to full-height boxes, sinply because there's not enough room in the cases for the bigger transformers and / or power capacitors.

I am still looking for a 1607 for our house living room, but may opt for a full height 9 or 11 channel, merely to drive more "zones" than just the living room - our dining room, bedroom, bathroom and patio are all pre-wired for "muzak" speakers. It all depends on what the Memsahib will tolerare and / or if she'll let me cut a hole in the back of the sideboard that serves as our TV stand so I could put a bigger receiver inside, instead of on top of, said sideboard.