Question New vs Old Speakers

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Feb 18, 2022
Don't hear much about Mordaunt Short probably been swallowed up by a conglomerate. I have heard the Festivals and Pageants and really liked them. If they had equivalents today I would be interested

The Mordaunt-Short brand is now owned by Audio Partnership, alongside Cambridge Audio. Very little is done under the brand these days, just a couple of very entry-level speakers. I've heard a pair and they're no more than OK, unfortunately

When AP first owned the brand they produced some fantastic ranges including Aviano, Mezzo and the Performance Series. The speaker market is incredibly competitive though, and there isn't room for endless numbers of brands.


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Dec 28, 2019
My experience of new vs old speakers is my recent audition of some Monitor Audio Bronze 200's vs my old Tannoy Mercury M2's, a WhatHiFi award winning standmount from 1997. Yes, the new speakers were better. More bass extension (floorstanders vs standmounts) and more control of the treble. But the soundstage was muddied and the timing seemed wrong. Were they £799 better than my old M2's costing £130 back then? No, I don't think they were. My quest continues....

Edit: Speakers now £799 vs £449 when I tried them last week!
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