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Aug 10, 2019
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I have recently moved house & have a bare oblong room (6.5 x 3.5 mtrs the TV will have to be mounted on the thinner dimension due to windows/doors), I have never been in the position to 1) be able to afford to kit out a room for myself & 2) had this much space to purely devoted to a home cinema room! I have spoken to one local retailer who obviously knew I hadn't a clue what I was talking about he quoted for the following:

Speakercraft AIM Wide One surround speakers x 4 (in ceiling)Speakercraft AIM 8 One Front Speakers x 3 (in ceiling)Bowers & Wilkins PV1 Sub WooferPioneer VSX-LX70 7.1 Amplifier

Sky HD+

He was reacting to me saying that I didn't want anything bigger than 47", had to be "full HD" & I didn't want any wires or standing speakers, I've since seen some pretty cool front & centre speakers bulit into the wall, I do like the idea of having that in front but would prefer the ceiling option for the other 4.

My questions are is this all the kit Ineed? Can anyone tell me whether this would provide a good sound in a room this size? Can someone recomend an installer as my DIY leaves a lot to be desired & having read this blog I would not have a clue what leads to connect what with to achieve the best sound?

Please help!!!!



I went through a similar decision process just recently. I had a false wall built and sunk the TV and three speakers into it - it looks superb - so I would recommend that approach. If you went that way, you would need to get some small speakers. I went for AccousticEnergy Aego T (5.1 setup) coupled to an Onkyo 605 receiver. The speakers come with a nice wall mount and their black glossy finish matches most TVs available these days. That gives impressive sound in a room that's a bit larger than yours. WhatHiFi (and everyone else) are very hot on the Onkyo receivers, so for a similar price to the Pioneer you might want to look at the Onkyo 805 or 875.

I'm not sure about ceiling speakers - but the Aego are nice, or the KEF 3005 speakers are very highly rated. For sources other than Sky you will need a DVD player and possibly something for BluRay or HD. I got a PS3 which plays BluRay nicely, gives good gaming AND allows web browsing on the TV. Great value.

In terms of installation, if you decide to build a wall, then you need a builder/plasterer. You also need to have bought all the kit first. That way, everything slots in nicely.

Other people will probably have more suggestions for you....

Good luck!


before you go the ceiling spkrs route, first try to audition a system like that. i'm not sure about ceiling spkrs in terms of sonic impact when watching movies, but go right on and experiment.


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