Question New integrated amplifier for PMC GB1

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Jan 1, 2013
I’d have to check but I believe the last H90 was sold in 2019. No more as the H90 has been replaced with the H95 also @ a RRP of £1500 btw. Besides which we’re also no longer supporting them.
Dang. I remember when you were selling them. Gutted i didnt have the money for a 360....(y)


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Apr 30, 2012
Thanks for your answer.
It's probably worth the extra money on a preamp / dac. Others are recommending it to me too. I'll check Cambridge even if it's a little higher than my budget.
If it's too dear, I think the CXN v2 has the same functionality. And also I'd look into other brands as well, before making any purchase.
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I've got a lot of experience with Rotel amplification and their watts are not their for a marketing show. They have current rich power rather than current starved wattage. In the RB-870BX you've got a rock solid engine. So my advise will be to hold on to the RB-870BX and look at adding a streaming pre amplifier such as Auralic's Altair. The Altair should offer an uplift in performance throughout the fq. range and regardless of the genre of music you listen to. You should be able to find a demo or a used Altair at or within your budget.
Correct me if I'm wrong, it doesn't really matter how good the current is if the tonal balance isn't right then its no good for the PMCs.
Correct me if I'm wrong, it doesn't really matter how good the current is if the tonal balance isn't right then its no good for the PMCs.
It's a two way street. With all things being equal it's preferable to avoid components where as the wick is turned and the system gets louder but not much else happens other than then system sounding lacklustre. It's akin to the lights being on but no ones at home. Anyway, like I've said before it's better to have current rich power rather then current starved marketing and brochure impressive but ultimately somewhat weedy 'paper' watts.

Power is nothing without energy. No guts. No glory.

Besides which and in addition to the above I've already addressed matter of system presentation/tonality in my last post to the OP. Hence why I've suggested Auralic's Altair streaming pre amplifier.
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Feb 11, 2021

I use Kef Actives. With the Hegel 120 I used Quad S2's.

The H90 has a couple of analogue in's, the 120 also has a set of balanced ones.



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