New Amplifier; Upgrade from Caspian M2

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Aug 21, 2009
ebentjerodt said:
CnoEvil said:
SteveR750 said:
The more I read, the more I am interested in the SIA250. I suspect the MFs might be a touch too warm, and Electro too polite. The Class A amps just simply not loud enough, and I do like it loud at times, getting a drum kit to sound realistically as if there is one in the room isn't the usual listening levels, but for me that's half the point.

I think the SIA 250 is a good shout.

- Some of the MFs might be too warm

- IMO. Don't write off Electro as too polite, or Class A as not loud enough (Class A with Proac needs very serious consideration).

- Ayre may also be a brand that would work for you.

- There is also Croft, Luxman and Accuphase.

Hi CNO, and what about the Pass INT 150 or INT 30?

I think it's academic at this point, as Hegel seems to have taken centre stage.....but great choices, none the less.


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Mar 11, 2005
Now, understandably bluetooth isn't usually classed as "audiophile" but it's addition would have been welcome to the legions of Android users, otherwise this


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