New Amp/streamer - so confused what to get

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Im not confused at all

"So an Airport Express is a streaming device", no its not its a dumb fancy collection point with an internal DAC , it doesn't stream data you stream to it, it collects that's my point. As i said its an endpoint your computer/NAS is the streamer as i said.

Chromecast is a different beast and not the same type of product at all. As it can actually fetch data very different indeed. Replacing the computer in part.

but ill leave it there


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Apr 24, 2020
I have been looking at the 3045 too actually - but why would you choose that one over the sonos amp/powernode? You get the streamer included (for about the same price) in those but not in the 3045.
For the Sonos, lack of hi-res streaming, which I think is a feature worth having - though other opinions are available :)
For the Powernode, I don't think it has HDMI Arc or the normal type of optical input, so not so good for connecting the TV.
I would guess you are getting a high quality class D amp and decent DAC in the 3045, and you can then save money on what is essentially a dedicated computer and software by using an actual computer to take over server duties.


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May 30, 2015
If you're just dipping your toe into streaming, might I suggest the Arylic S10 which will set you back about £70 now. Bought mine a couple of months back and am delighted with it. No DSD, MQA or gapless for your own rips, but in fairness, the latter has been a problem for years for plenty manufacturers.

The S10 comes with a very robust app, 4STREAM and all the main streaming services. I should point out that while gapless for your rips isn't supported, it's not a problem when streaming Spotify and I imagine the others too, which is good to know.

Mine has worked flawlessly since day 1. I use it for internet radio and Spotify. I don't use it for Bluetooth and it's not the best implementation (very harsh sounding). Then again, it's £70, so bear that in mind.

For the money and the performance (which by the way is *excellent*) I can't recommend it highly enough. If you need the additional DSD or MQA services, there's others out there.

I'd agree with @matthewpiano - keep the integrated separate. Not because of any purity or all that woo nonsense, but some services aren't kept up to date, others fall by the wayside, so you don't want to end up with an amp that ends up being 20% brick because you can't use certain functionality that's gone out of date 18 months down the line.

Welcome to the rabbit hole!



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