New amp or speakers?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm generally dissatisfied with the sound from my hifi set up, regardless of how or where I place the kit. I've recently decorated and have my Kef Cresta 2 speakers on wall brackets (I know it's a crime, but I've 2 young boys who like to poke speaker fronts and a general lack of floor space). I'm running a Marantz PM4200 amp, a Pro-ject Debut 2 turntable, a Marantz CD-6000 OSE LE CD player and a Denon TU-1800 DAB tuner. The whole lot sounds dull and lacks punch so I'm assuming the problem lies with either the amp or the speakers, or both!

So... should I replace the amp or speakers first? reading What HiFi? it looks like I should be considering the Rotel RA-04 with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze BR2, but I like the look and report on the B&W685's which I could stretch to... they apparently have in-built wall mounts which sounds useful...

My music taste is highly varied but I prefer progressive and heavy rock... when I'm not returning to the 80's and 90's for The Smiths, U2, Marillion, Rush, Magnum, Iron Maiden and some even hairier heavy metal!! It goes without saying that my DAB tuner is permanently tuned to Planet Rock

Any suggestions please? Thanks audio-friends :eek:)


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Jul 28, 2007
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The Kef are not the punchiest speakers I've heard and the Marantz combo are very smooth sounding pair. As Andrew suggested the rotel could firm them up a little and the amp does the guitar stuff very well. Why not have a little hunt for a 2nd hand pair of Ruark Talisman 2? They are around £300 now (was £900 when new) they are a superb match for the music that you in to.


Thanks Guys,

The Ruarks are floorstanders and I need to hang new speakers on wall mounting brackets.

My problem with Andrew's suggestion is that I am constrained by a budget of around £600, so both of the Rotel RA-06 (£500) and the B&W685's (£400) are a no-go. Should I therefore go for the RA-06 with the Monitor Audio BR2s (£200)... or the RA-04 (£250) with the B&W685's?

...or should I replace one only first and see what improvement it makes? if so which????


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