New Amp but what speakers.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am replacing my old Yamaha RX - V398RDS amp and have narrowed it down to either the Sony STRDA1200ES or the Onkyo TXSR505E personaly I like the sony one best. The problem is speakers I like the Jamo A102HCS5 and also the Q Acoustics 1010i which would go with onkyo but can I find anything for the sony which takes 4 ohms speaker. It will be used for watching films but it has to handle music it high levels (not excesive) I listen to heavy metal and rock. I am also on a tight budget which dosn't help much. Any sugestions?


I got the Sony STRDA1200ES in January and a very fine piece of kit it is for the price. I matched it with the Acoustic Energy AEGIS EVO 3B Home Cinema speaker package which I am also pleased with. They had a good write up in the mag at Christmas last year in both the cinema and sterio hifi speaker sections. They match the sony power and dynamics well and for music give a good response from clasical through bassy pop to rock. The only slight negative I have is on cinema as the bass on the centre speaker is not as good as speach through my Panasonic PX600. Its not bad enough to warrent an upgrade but when you hear them side by side you can hear the difference. They cost me £599 in the sales at Hi Spek in St Albans, Herts. A quick Google would suggest current price for the set (two floor standers, two shelf, centre and sub) £799. Good hunting.


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