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Aug 10, 2019
hi guys ...current system integra 30.1...polk audio TSi500..fronts TSi100 bookshelf speaker... CS10 center speaker.... PSW 110 3 playstation currently looking at samsung 3d tv and 3d blueray and projector not unhappy with my integra but do understand its hdmi 1.3....... no1] y cant i use my existing am for sound and run vidio to tv through 3d blueray no2]failing this..upgrade to ????? yamaha 3067 or onkyo 809 ...luv to power my acdc..ledzep..ozzzzzzzyyyyy osborne..etc at max power no3]not completely sold on 3d but presuming the technological benifits r great for 2d..... apreciate some clarification bottles ps

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
Sorry dude, your broken English is a bit confusing.

Am I right in you're saying you need a new A/V receiver or not as you're moving towards 3D?

If your amp has HDMI inputs(1.) or has analogue multi channel inputs(2.), you can buy a relevant BD player (1. a BD Player with twin HDMI outputs, one for your amp, one for your TV. 2. A BD Player with multi-channel analogue outputs)

If your A/V amp has neither of these, then a new amp such as the ones you've mentioned will be required.

EDIT: Just re-read your post and you mention HDMI compatability, so the cheapest option will be a player with twin HDMI outputs such as the Panasonic 310.


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