Netgear nas duo + spotify


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, can any one help me as to why i cant get spotify to work on my netgear ready nas duo.

i have followed the instructions on updateing the relevent files from logetech and the sqeezebox server is there and i can access the settings but when i tick the third party plugin for spotify (triode) and click save it just imediatly unticks it again,

i am trying to get it to work with the sqeezebox duet.

any ideas?


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it has nothing to do with the NAS. it is the Duet that is the problem. the logitec Spotify add on does not work with the Duet ot the Boom or the older Squeezeboxes. it only works with the Touch and Radio.

so follow the info for the Triode add on only.


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