Netflix and Disney Plus might be convenient, but I will never part with my DVD collection


Jun 13, 2023
Long live physical media. I absolutely agree with all of your points. I really worry about the future of physical media though, as time goes on companies like Netflix and Disney will keep movies/TV shows exclusive to their platform. Meaning no physical releases. This will be a very sad day indeed and I hope that day doesn't arrive. DVDs look fantastic even to this day :) Thanks for this post. It made me happy to be a collector

Terry Webb

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Feb 10, 2020
Really bad news concerning the NETWORK DVD company. It looks as if NETWORK has gone into receivership. Lots of talk and discussion on Network Distributing Facebook page and various internet forums lamenting this sorry news. The company will be much missed.


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Feb 2, 2016
I'm not sure how anyone could recommend DVDs in this day and age, with the exception of titles not released on Blu-ray or maybe if watching them on a sub 32" TV screen. The only DVDs I still possess are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended edition) and the Omen Trilogy as I like the packaging. Blu-rays look very good on my 4K 55" TV; 4K Blu-rays look better but they are expensive so I'm more selective. I estimate that I have over 120 titles, in total.

I have Netflix and Amazon. I will not subscribe for another streaming service. I already have more than enough content. I don't expect a series or film to remain on a streaming platform indefinitely. If I really like a series or film, I'll buy it on Blu-ray. It's too bad that HBO have their own streaming service as they produce some of the best shows.

I don't consider discs to be archival. They don't last forever, I could always backup my discs on my PC though.


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Sep 9, 2022
Great article Kashfia!
Content is not always about resolution - my complete box-set of Columbo is way less than DVD quality but still a hugely enjoyable retro blast. Having said that, I'm just about to order a complete Westworld on 4K disc based on this intel...
So yes- any shows I really like are purchased on disc. I'm happy to pay for content that I actually want.
I also have quite a few series purchased through iTunes to get around 'signing up a new stream for one show'.
But it's hard when you're trying to avoid every single news article on Succession s4 because iTunes doesn't drop it until HBO has finished airing the whole series! (When we lived in the UK, I think iTunes aired individual episodes the day after? Not so here in the antipodes, sadly - rights issues)
The question is - what happens if I ever fall out with Apple?


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