Need help choosing speakers and final setup please!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok guys I think I have finally chosen my Audio Visual System.

· Sony KDL 32D3000

· Onkyo TX-605

· Play station 3 (Blu-ray and DVD up scaling)

Now I have to decide on speakers I have seen these Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom 5.1 Package But I have also seen Tannoy Sensys 5.1 Home Cinema Package

Which one is best? My price range is £730 at the most so is there any other better alternatives?

Now could someone please tell me what all cables I’m going to need? I’ve heard QED are good.

Also if you can think of any good alternatives to what I’ve chosen above please let me know.

I hate being a noob at this whole AV scene so sorry for all the questions.



QED cables are pretty good, the Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable is very good and at £5.50/m where i shop its a steal.

Tip: wire the cable with the + to the positive output of both speaker and amp and with the text on the cable reading from the amp towards the speaker.

(I cannot take credit for this tip, as it was provided to me by my local dealer...a pretty good one at that...they've saved my bacon several times this year)

As for speaker kits i would look at the likes of KEF and Monitor Audio (my personal favourite), not necessarily the cheapest, but in terms of clarity and detail they really are out of the top drawer. (you won't find Monitor Audio at one of your run of the mill shops like Superfi, but find a good local dealer and they will undoubtebly stock it, and places like Vickers in York (not my local by the way that's in Castleford) they have some outrageous deals on monitor audio kit (inc. free cable deals or 10% off accessories)


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