Question Need advice for best player set-up. X3ii


Apr 30, 2023
Hey everyone

I have a Fiio X3ii with a broken headphones out (it works only if I really press the jack sideways lol), but a working line out. Fixing it isn't an option for the next several months since I'm basically on the road

The question is can use the line out on the X3 as a headphones out? (I tried it, there is significantly less amplification, but it's still listenable - I'm wondering if I'm losing any quality this way). I know I could do more comparison tests but I figured I'll just ask first.

I also have a Fiio m3k, which seems to struggle just a bit with the HD518 headphones that I currently have. How can I actually tell if it's not giving the HD518 enough power? And is buying an external headphones amplifier would be a good investment, or may be I'd be better off fixing that X3 eventually/ buying a new player all together?

Sorry for the noob questions, but I'd appreciate your thoughts on this


Welcome to the forum.
Line out to a cheap headphone amplifier would be a good choice.
However, considering the cost of new players these days perhaps buying a new one might be more prudent, just make sure you audition it with your own headphones before purchasing.
I have moved your post to a subforum to where it may get more replies.


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