Nad c352 revisited


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Aug 10, 2019
I just nabbed one off flea bay for £200, i had one a long time ago, great sounding amp! I plan to use it as a stop gap and sell my caspian m1, eventually get something used from musical fidelity to pair with my dac. I have good memories of the nad, it combined so well with my old arcam cd192 and b&W cm2's, i will glady have it in my system while saving cash, it has bags of power and is smooth with a sweetness in the treble, i don't normally buy Hifi on a whim but i just had to buy it, cheers.

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The 352 is a good amp. It auditioned one at length when looking for a new amp all those years ago.

TBH, I really think you've missed a trick with your Caspian. It is a stonking amp and would really sing with top-notch speakers. The Dalis are very good, likewise the MA RX1s you had previously but won't push the Roksan to its full potential. I've heard the M1 on the end of Spendor SA-1s and MA GS10s. Cracking.


I know what you mean PP, the caspian is cracking amp and i am sure it sounds even better with the speakers you mentioned. I plan to sell it and put the cash towards something from Mf, possibly a used A5? I have always been a fan of Mf since my x-series days. I was always going to move the caspian on at some point, the nad will handle things while i save cash.


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