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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello everybody !

A long time reader and a first time poster :)

After owning hifi and moving to home theatre and wanting a new system but really not finding what i wanted i am wanting a new 2 channel system. I am just looking for some opinions before i make the purchase.

Some background, the room is slightly larger than most, but is in an apartment and rented so not going to choose equipment based completely on this. Its a medium furnished room and i have a lot of freedom to place equipment as i want. Music style is mostly rock (old and newer, mostly in the style of U2),rnb,a little hiphop,modern country etc. So you can say from U2, to Sarah Mclachlan to Dire Straits or Jimmy Hendrix. It will also be used for TV/Movies but just 2 channel.

After doing auditions and realiisng that i could not get to hear exactly what i want to buy and no chance to home audition this is why i am asking if you guys think i have a good match.

Budget for Amp/Speakers: ~1000 pounds (2000 SGD)

Amplifier: NAD C 356BEE

Speakers: Monitor Audio RX2 , No decision on stands as yet.

Source: Various different sources from cd/dvd/blueray player to a to be purchased DAC for my digital music. Cables etc not really sure as yet but after listening to a few i dont subscribe to the school of thought that they make a huge difference rather than any quality cable will be mostly similar to any other quality cable, maybe something like chord carnival classic.

I like the NAD as i like the bass (maybe not to everybodies taste), i also like the fact i can use it either as a pre-amp or a power-amp for the speakers should i really feel the need to another 5-7 channel setup (Incidently i would choose a Denon 1912 i think if i was to think again about home theater).

MA RX2's, well i tried some B&W, Quad etc but i really liked the sound of the RX's. I also heard on the same system and stands the BX2, all i can say is no way i would pick an BX2 over an RX1 !! (the small extra $$ is completly worth it, no need for even 5 seconds thought or discussion, the RX is so much smoother, and yes both were claimed to be run in). I will not use a Sub.

So does everybody think i will be happy with the bass and sound from the NAD & MA RX2 combination ? Is there anything i have missed given what i was looking for ?
This is not the sort of system that i plan to replace either component in any hurry so i am really looking for a matched pair.



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Oct 5, 2010
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Before I have my present setup I owned a pair of MA RX1 driven by my NAD 355BEE. I can only say NAD and MA are a perfect match especially when you love listening to rock and bass heavy music. With my experience the bass produced by MA RX range and the bass controlled by NAD are wonderful. RX produces every details apart from the HF could be a bit harsh due to its metal tweeter. If your room is small then the bass from RX2 could be boomy but for a medium sized room with the speakers far away from walls and corners then the bass production is perfect. The music reproduction of NAD is less clear than my present Leema but it suits rock music better IMHO. I changed the entire system because I love vocals, jazz and classicals and gave my NAD and RX1 to my son who loves metals.

In conclusion you won't be regretted with NAD and MA RX2 if your music preference is ROCK.


NAD and M/A RX speakers go VERY well together indeed

I loved my NAD C355BEE amp with M/A RX2 speakers - Arcam CD72 as the source and the speakers were sat on Partington Super Dreadnought stands (mass loaded with atabites)

The NAD/Monitor Audio soundstage is sublime; solid, gutsy and punchy bass but not boomy or muddled at all; smooth and detailed midrange with a great treble with no nasty harshenss at all

You'll love that set-up; more so with your taste in music

My main recommendation though would be to get some good stands; Super Dreadnoughts or Atacama HMS2's at a minimum; preferably mass loaded as well. The RX2's are big speakers and when that 8" driver starts to do it's job; they'll rock the stands if they're not weighted down


Thanks guys. Always good to know others like the combination.
Given the price of stands here I may also listen to the RX6 as the price gets rather close. I would guess that they also have good bass. Will let everybody know what I decide and how I like it soon.



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