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My System


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Aug 10, 2019
My System.

Everything is brand new, except the sub woofer, which I purchased off Ebay. The system is still bedding in. 3 months on, and the sound is still improving. Not the most expensive system on the planet, but I think all the components compliment each other exceptionally ( with the exception of the TV.)

Panasonic 30" LCD TV ( needs a big 50" 1080p 24fps panel.....)
Amp: Onkyo 805
FL, FR C Speakers M&K 750.
Surround L & R M&K 550.
Surround BL BR M7K 750
Sub: M&K 150.
DVD Panasonic 1080p upscale.
Foxtel IQ Cable Box
Thompsen HD Set Top Box.
Apple TV.

Monster Power Center 3600MkII

Monster THX1000 Ultra Speaker Cable ( FL,C, FR Speakers)
Montser XP HP Speaker Cable ( SR, SR, SBL, SBR)
Signal Cable Magic Power mains lead.
Signal HDMI x 2.
Singal SPDIF x 1.
Monster THX spdif x 2.
Monster THX Component Video (monitor)
Monster THX Stereo (monitor)
6m HDMI 1.3 (monitor)



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