My system, Quite old but still Shining


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Oct 2, 2007
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From the top down, this is my HiFi system, quite a few years old except for new speaker cables.

Turntable, Project audio debut II

Amp, Pioneer A400 ( The original model with the Headphone socket)

CD Player, Marantz CD63 Special Edition

Cassette deck, Nakamichi DR2 (Yes I still have a cassette deck)

These are all connected up with Ixos Gamma SPOFC Phono cables

The amp connects to my B&W DM 602 S2 loud speakers on Custon Design speaked stands via QED XT silver anniversary speaker cables (Bi-Wired)

. Still sounds fine to me except maybe a slightly audible buzz coming from the amp through the speakers even when the volume is set to Zero but I can live with it!

Thanks for reading this



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