My new budget system sounds pretty amazing


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Aug 10, 2019
Had a pretty amazing separates system when I was younger consisting of Monitor Audio Studio 10's, AudioTruth Forest Speaker Cable, Arcam Delta 250 Transport, Arcam Black Box 50 DAC sync locked with Audioquest Opti-z, AudioTruth Opal/Diamond interconnects,Arcam Alpha 9 Amp & Alpha 9 Poweramp bi-amping the speakers.

However over the years i've slowly downgraded the system due to not being to able to afford replacements as things have broken. Also I haven't really got the room for separates anymore. So I just bought what i'd call a lifestyle system of a Denon RCD-N7 & Dali Zensor 5's wired with Van Den Hull speaker cable. Surprised to say it actually sounds as good, if not better than the old system! How technology has moved on I guess. Highly recommend it all to anyone after a similar system


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