My iMac is broken

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John Duncan

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It was more like three to be fair. But I hate leaving things like that running overnight only to wake in the morning and find it's failed or gone to sleep or whatever, so I blogged it up...


Time Machine can be used for on-demand backups; simply right click the dock icon and choose 'back up now'. There is no need to keep the disk attached.

John Duncan

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chebby said:
Just found this article John... everything ok on yours post replacement?

It's fine, yes. When I enquired with a service centre about them doing the work, he did ask model number so that he could identify whether it was a normal hard drive or whether it needed "a specific apple one with temperature control built in" and was told it was just a normal one, which seems to be the case since mine had the stick-on temp sensor and is showing no ill effects.


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Nov 12, 2008
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Finally got round to putting a new hard drive in - delayed by 'flu. Much easier than taking the iMac to bits - took less than an hour to put together again. Started perfectly! I have installed LinuxMint rather than apple software - again went very smoothly.

(This was my wife's iMac. It was over six years old when it died, so rather than have it 'officially' repaired she bought herself a new one: bigger screen, bigger hard disc, four times the memory, Lion software etc. I got the broken one to play with. I also have her old mobile phone and her old her old iPod nano. Well, I am old, 70 in just over 3 hours.)

Apple certainly does not make it easy to repair their stuff, but it is possible with patience, a lot of bad language, and an occasional extra hand.



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Dec 3, 2002
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For backup software consider Crashplan. It's free and as well as backing up to an external HDD you can backup remotely to a friends computer.

I've given up relying on single external HDDs for backup having had too many fail on me. I now use a Drobo, which has capacity for 4 x 2TB HDDs. Everything is mirrored so a disc failure is no problem and it's TimeMachine and Crashplan compatible. If I were buying again I would get the 5 bay NAS version.


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