Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, very new to this sort of thing so please bare with me. I have a couple of questions so will post the other after..thanks for any help.

I've just purchased a 40in LE40M87BDX Samsung LCD and am looking for a set of speakers that are not going to cost me the world. I've read up that the Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 set are pretty good but due to floor space issues and children i was hoping to postion the front and rear speakers up in the corners of the room and angle them down to the seating area. The centre speaker is OK as i can mount this above the TV. Please can somebody advise if this is a good move or am i just going to waste my money.





I've got a MS Alumni 5.1 setup - along with a pair of KEF IQ5SE floor standers which I use to create a 7.1 setup.

I have tried the Alumnis as a 5.1 setup and I can happily recommend them.

I'm using a Onkyo 605 amp/processor - - (don't forget that with the Alumni's you'll need some kind of amp / processor) as unlike the everything in a box setups from comet/currys etc this is just a speaker package.

A good setup would be the Onkyo 505 (approx £250) or Onkyo 605 (approx £400) along with the MS Alumni (approx £600) so your total about £850-$1000

if that's too much - checkout the system from LG around the £250 mark - or sony have a very compact all in a box system for about £600 (with speakers the size of golf balls) which in my opinion are both very good at their respective price points. I can assure you that the Onkyo/MS Alumni setup will comprehensively kick the ass of the all in ones though


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