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Aug 10, 2019
Dear Hifi-ers

I'm planning to replace my old tube stereo amp from the 70's to a new A / V receiver set from the segment Marantz or Denon AVR-1911 NR1601.

I also want a set of five speakers (two front and back to be able to hang at the walls of my room a center and a subwoofer).

- Does anyone have experience with these two receivers mentioned and if so which 5.1 speakers are a good combination?
- Is there an alternative to NR1601 Marantz or Denon AVR-1911 which I certainly should not forget to watch?

I hope someone can give some tips because stuff is good enough but still a choice.
nb. room = 6x4, 5m with open kitchen and laminate on the floor.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,



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May 2, 2010
I have the Marantz NR1501 and can recommend it as a simple, quality item. Obviously the NR1601 is the latest version. The monitor audio BR range can be bought really cheaply now that the BX has come out and the BRFX rears can be hung on the wall. Can be bought as a stand mount front (BR2) or floostander front (BR5)
for a while I used RS6 as fronts and Marantz still coped well.


Thanx for your reaction.

Meanwhile, there have been some developments which I am a bit wiser and I can formulate my question better.

What I'm looking for: a A/V receiver and BlueRay player combination
For speakers: Monitor Audio Radius 5.1 HD set (4 x 90, 180 and 1x 360 1x subwoofer) (Amp recommended req.: 10-100W)

- 50/50 music / TV & Video
- 3D for me is not necessary;
- USB on Receiver or BlueRay player that supports a separate HDD;
- At least 1x SPDIF in;
- At least 3 x HDMI;
- At least 1x analogue (RCA) OUT;

Can anyone advise me on this? Budget max ? 1000/850gbp/ $1350. May always be less


Can anyone give me some suggestions that sounds wonderfull with this speakers? And which brands are not recommended?

Thank you very much!


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