Mission M cube Upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1


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Mar 2, 2009
Ok so I'm running a set of mission m cube 5.1's with the weird umbilical thing to my Sony STR DN1040

(amp bought from richer sounds for £100, and I sold my Onkyo 605 for £80 on eBay - Decent swap for £20 or what!?) anyways,

I'm thinking of upgrading to 7.1 as mission m cube satelites peakers are very cheap these days.

BUT the sub only has an input for 'centre back' i.e. making a 6.1 system only,

am I right in thinking I could just by 2x satelites speakers and connect these two straight to the amp to get 7.1?

Also hello to anyone else out there with Mission M Cubes, I still think they are the best looking, discrete speaker package you can buy to this day, (even if they are discontinued!)


Sorry to hijack your post but can I but the mission cubes to fix to ceiling as Atmos speakers without the sub?
In other words, do you need aub or do the speakers work as normal speakers straight from amp?
Yes, you would connect the 2 speakers to the amp directly for 7.1.

And yes, they can work as Atmos speakers if you fix them to the ceiling. You don't need the sub. Which AV receiver have you got?


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