Adding 2 Speakers to a 5.1 set-up for Dolby Atmos


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Nov 9, 2016
My current kit is

Onkyo 646 Atmos amp with Q Acoustics 1000 series 5.1 speakers

I'd like to add another 2 speakers for a 7.1 (0r is it 5.1.2?) Atmos setup.

Due to the nature of our room and budget I have discounted getting floorstanders (size/cost too big), so i'm thinking of getting a pair of newer Q Acoustics bookshelf speakers. Either the 2020i's or the 3010's.

My thoughts are to use these new speakers as the front left and right channels and transfer my existing 1010i's to be a rear 'height' channel - so there would be 4 speakers at the back. We sit against the back wall so I think I would notice the height effect more.

Is this a reasonable idea or should I be adding the extra 'height' speakers at the front rather than the rear.

Thanks in advance - Regards Dave


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Jan 16, 2013
To get "true" Atmos they really need to go overhead or at least kind of halfway between screen and couch where the walls meet the ceiling and angled downwards.
Failing that I would use them as front highs or sides (for 7.1 not 5.1.2) as I don't think many receivers are set up for in effect four rears.


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