Magnat Prime Classic vs HK Aura Studio 3?


Apr 23, 2021
Hi everyone,
I've been looking for an active speaker that would fill the room with a perfect sound clarity. I lean towards bass, but also love mids and highs in balance.
Magnat Prime Classic (or more pricey brother Prime Classic One) and Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 are within my range.
I could listen to the Studio 3 in a tech market which I loved its power outfoot, bassy feature and its beautiful look but read a few negative comments about its durability, noise over time.

I couldn't listen to Magnat's sound, but loved its quality feeling, frequency response on the paper. Though its power output can't beat Aura Studio 3, but I wonder about its sound quality.

On the other hand, there's Klipsch Bar40 + Sub in another category and a bit pricier than those above, but its frequency response is 35-20kHz, its output is 320w RMS and it has optical input besides bluetooth feature. There's also Klipsch R 41PM active speakers, which have the most connection options among all, but the bass is weaker than the others.

What are your opinions?


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