Question Macbook Pro (M1) and DAC


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Feb 24, 2022
First post here. First world problem question. Just got back into Hifi after 15 years. My separates eventually died (based around a Marantz Amp and Mission Speakers)...anyway. I had a Macbook Air an Audioquest Dragonfly Black. The DAC made a big difference. I now have Macbook Pro M1... and tried the Dragonfly, but found the straight connection better. I am wondering if it's really worth buying a separate DAC (Cobalt or better) as everything I have read on here suggests the built-in DAC is excellent anyway on the M1.? Other details I think I'll be asked... yes I stream Spotify so the sound quality isn't great. I also have bought a CD drive so I have ripped a lot of my CDs to lossless standard. As a direct headphone connection, I have a choice Sennheiser Momentums and B&O H9s. I also connect the Mac to my AVR system (Denon x2700h) through the 3.5mm jack. and finally, I've bought a QED cable for the 3.5mm connection (made a difference which surprised me). oh and yes I have a turntable and plenty of vinyl... just wonder if I can/should improve the output of the Mac via a DAC...

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