Low budget subwoofer for hifi (60-70 to 35hz under 270 euros)

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Mar 17, 2013
Havn't tried a placement on a stand, im using a concrete tile of a couple of inches under the sub.

Had gain a 11 o'clock, although i initially had it at 12 o'clock, then back to 12 o'clock around 80hz, on som songs a little boomy on other songs not so much

Had to raise the bass on my active studio monitors back to 0db (2db increase) and 60hz + 11 o'clock on the sub, according to the measured frequency reponse of the sc305 by audio science review (same units and amp as mine just 2 bas,midrange units) i could have the croosover at 60hz (lowest on my sub)

Now it sounds less boomy,bloated at high levels but still more extension, not just louder bass

With a youtube test i can hear down to 35hz, that is more than enought for pop,rock and electronic music, had gain,volume turned all the way up on a loud bass heavy song beacuse i wanted to hear it at 100% (not max spl) and if it would reach a limit (didn't), it's got power and was clean with gain,volume at 100%


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