Looking for advice on a new TV set up - Pioneer PDP 4280xd or Samsung LE40A656?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking to purchase a new plasma or LCD TV (ideally 40 - 42 inches) and blu ray dvd player. I'm looking to spend no more than £1800 in total and would appreciate some expert advice.I have been considering the Samsung LE40A656 which I have seen priced at £998.98 at Dixons (using codes BIG TV and SAM5L) or alternatively the Pioneer PDP 4280 XD priced at £1139.99 at Dixons (using code BIG TV). Is the Samsung a better deal because it is full HD and £140 less, or is the Pioneer Kuro still a better TV to go for? I will be using the television to view sports (football, rugby, tennis) and for movies. I currently have a large DVD collection and a Denon DHT-500SD home cinema system (although a dated but reliable Panasonic 100 hz CRT tv). I also have a Sky+ box but am considering upgrading to Sky HD. The family will also be watching a number of standard definition programmes.

I am also considering purchasing a new blu ray player and am interested in the Pansonic DMPBD30 (£299.99 at Empire Direct). Is this a good match with the Samsung or Pioneer TV's? Is it possible to connect the blu ray player to my existing denon dvd player so I can use the Denon surround sound speakers. Any recommendations on the best way of doing this or whether I would be better off investing in a new AV receiver and speaker set up.

Final question. I have two young children aged 5 and 3, and its not practical for me to wall mount the TV. Any tips on how resilient these TVs are to children (especially with sticky fingers). I have heard that the Pioneer Plasma screen can scratch quite easily.

I am a complete novice and would be most grateful for comments, recommendations and advice.

Many thanks


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Apr 10, 2008
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Well if you watch alot of sports then you deffinately want a plasma. Better motion handiling and much darker blacks. As regards to your kids fingers, then a plasma with it's glass screen would be alot better than an lcd's flexible plastic screen.You can potentially damage the lcd by applying to much pressure to the screen.

I have the new Panasonic full hd 42"PZ85 plasma, and it's very very good. SD from sky is very good sat from 9ft away,dvd's through a ps3 look amazing.Blueray looks so life like you have to touch the screen just to make sure it's not real.Also games on the ps3 look amazing as well.

A few people who have seen both Pioneer and Pany's sets say that the black levels are very very close on both sets. You can get the 42"PZ85 for around £1000ish on a price match with john lewis. And a free 5 year warranty.

Or if you don't want full hd Pany make a 42"PX80 plasma for under £700, Both of these sets have had very good feedback on these forums.

Theres some new Pany models coming out with the Freesat tuners inbuilt as well. Also the top of the range models have toughned glass but these arn't out till the summer. Im not sure if the whole 08 range has the toughned glass.

Generally HD ready will give you better quality with SD content. But my full hd set looks very good to me.

EDIT: have a look in the tv section of these forums,lots of advice on there.


Thanks very much for the information, I will take a look at the Pany (my existing CRT is a Pany and the picture is extremely good!). The advice is much appreciated.