Line attenuation


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi again......Having spent some time reading up about CD players overloading the input of preamps. It appears that a lot of people have gone the route of using Rothwell attenuators.

I am experiencing the same problems whereby the volume control on my amp at more than moderate levels only gets to about 10 oclock on the dial. As probably expected the sound doesnt start to raise its game until the amp starts to work a bit.

Having investigated the option of attenuating the amp input using Rothwell attenuators....I was wondering if I would get the same effect using a quality potentiometer in line....maybe an ALPS potentiometer thereby giving a variable input to the amp. I may be able to get my sticky mitts on an old QED passive preamp with an ALPS pot built in.

Thanks in advance


I had the same issue with my new (old) amp. I squeezed a couple of resistors in the phono plug shell and very, very happy with the result.

For flexibility I've just today ordered a pair of -10dB attenuators from GoldenJacks (Google...) for just over £20 inc delivery. The chap Iain is very knowledgable (when I first emailed him he gave me advice on what value resistors to use if I just wanted to DIY it) and helpful.


WOW............fitted some Rothwell attenuators........volume control sits around 11 to 1 oclock now and the difference is amazing. The soundstage is much more defined and now sometimes seems to come from areas outside of the speakers. Treble has smoothed out and there seems to be more punch. Well recommended to anyone.

Pick up some speaker plinths that I am getting made at my local monumental stonemason on Monday. 20 notes all in. They are 300mm square and about 40mm thick. I will let you know how I get on.