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Nov 15, 2020
Hello there, right now I have a Sony X806E, LED IPS TV from 2017. Has worked great for the last few years but the low contrast and the lacking black uniformity has become very annoying. So I had in mind buying a QLED TV but I consider OLED to be superior in 2021. I've been lokingthe LG BX, I'm pretty sure I can find it for 1000 dollars where I live. But I have some concerns, the first one is HDMI ARC. I have a Sony receiver that has HDMI ARC, works great with a Sony TV but I'm not sure how it's going to perform with a different TV. The next concern is the OS, my family and are very happy with Android TV. And my final is concern is not bad but I'm curious, how good does the processor upscales 1080p content, I have a collection of Blu Rays and DVD's, so that's important for me. Also about audio output, has anyone got any trouble with Dolby Digital 5.1 in apps, I'm not using a Atmos at the moment? Any other comment or experience is appreciated, thanks in advance.
What's the model number of the Sony AV receiver? You can connect to the eARC HDMI port of the LG and it should work in a similar fashion. Upscaling quality of LG OLEDs are brilliant.


May 10, 2021
I have a LG BX connected to a Yamaha r375 surround sound receiver, no issues with 5.1. I'm in the UK and the ePG is terrible, very slow, will say Loading for 5 to 6 seconds. Added a Manhattan T3 box which uses same internet and aerial connect - ePG excellent. Haven't got round to sending videos of both to LG to complain.

BUT, I find the picture fantastic, previous TV was a Panasonic plasma , which was highly rated.

Hope this helps


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