Leema puzzle.

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This is not necessarily for me but may help others in the future.

I've listened to Naim Nait 5i alongside the Pulse with my Arcam CDP and RS6s. What I can't really make out is the Leema has more attacking prowess and detail yet isn't fatiguing or overbearing like the Naim.

The box and instructions are in the loft so can't look and compare power specs.

As I've mentioned a few times before is can't really put my finger on why this should be. The Pulse is fairly bright and sparkly but never grates; on paper my set-up should sound a mess. But it doesn't.

Like to hear from some of you tech-heads. ;)

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No... it is not a Naim vs Leema question. It really could be aimed at 100 different combos, but because I have the most experience with Naim (outside of Leema and Arcam) it is the best comparison I can give.

Clearly there is a deeper rooted issue, otherwise it would be just a case of room acoustics. I'd love to nail the differences and can't because I'm not tech minded.

MAs work better with Leema than Naim. The Nait 5i gave me, literally, a headache. There has to be an explaination why this should be. I've hit a brick wall to a conclusion.


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Feb 2, 2011
Well, I was curious to see how the Pulse would behave with my Rega RS3. Though they are not bright at all, they tend to accentuate the higher frequencies. And with a slight lack of bass (though if you put some heavy bass music, they will give you all the bass you need), I am kind of afraid they become a little to slim sounding with the Pulse.

As far as I know, as everyone says, the Nait5i and the RS3s are a perfect marriage. They have an incredible sinergy and are never tiring. But on the other hand, I was never much of MA fan, always think they are too detailed, which becomes a little tiring after a while. I am speaking of the RX series, never listened to the MA RS...

Also look out for the power connections, the Naims tend to be a little picky, from what I've read. Has it been fully burnt in? What about room acoustics? Did you listened in your room next to the Naim?

You should look for cables and see if there is any problem with them too, but as far as I have read (well... mostly from you, really), the Pulse is a much better amp than the Nait5i. Now, if we were talking about the Nait XS...

Anyway, I currently use an Audiolab 8000A, though very good, this is little bright agressive amp which becomes a little tiring after long listening hours (I mean after the 2nd or 3rd hour). Thus the need to upgrade it. And the need for a remote. Just have to wait to get some cash and either a Pulse or a Brio-R will be coming my way! Oh yes, it will!


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May 3, 2010
I've never heard a Leema amp before, but I used to have a Naim nait5I with some B&W CM2's and it was a superb match... yes detailed, but full bodied and never fatiguing.

However, I think it's quite well known, wrongly matched, Naim gear can come across as being too forward for a lot of people's taste and from what I've heard of MA's with their metal domed tweeters, I guess it would be a match made in hell!