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Leema Guide To Speaker Calibration


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Dec 22, 2006
21st April 2020, Wales, UK: With the UK lockdown extended until May at the earliest, Leema Acoustics has published a free comprehensive speaker calibration guide for locked-down music lovers wanting to get the best from the hardware they already own.
The Welshpool-based manufacturer, founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers in 1998, has teamed up with Andy Moore, Leema Acoustics’ Export Sales Business Manager at MIAN Audio Distribution (Leema’s UK distributor), to produce the ‘Grid Method’ speaker calibration guide, which is based on Moore’s 30 years’ industry experience. The seven-page full-colour PDF is available for free download and can be accessed here:https://bit.ly/2VzcKk5


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Mar 22, 2016
I owned Leema Acoustics speakers twice. No matter how much you're gonna calibrate them you simply cannot. These are fantastic speakers at first but after a longer while the substanial dips in frequencies are simply too much. They have sweet treble but their crossover and bass reflex is wrongly arranged. I think this is the reason they stopped selling them and they are not on their website available anymore.I checked every possible spot in my 2 rooms with them and nothing helped. I think maybe 100 times of place rearranging. Moreover I found this interesting website as well: So to sum up - great look and initial sound but too flawed in design.


https://www.tsdaudio.com/en/Product/HiFi/L line/L ine.asp

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