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Aug 10, 2019
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I was looking at the pana 32LXD70 which looked a good LCD modeL, just been to comet and seen the pana 37PX70 plasma, the picture looked a better and the TV itself looks nicer

apart from the obvious diiference in size can anyone tell me which is the better one to go for as they are both the same price.

I did notice that in the decription it didn't mention a 50 or 100 Hz rating, does this not apply to plasmas?

Also do plasmas still have screen burning and bleed issues.


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Jun 18, 2007
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The Panasonic plasma will be a better picture than any lcd, although lcd's are improving all the time plasma's are still noted for the best picture and along with Pioneer, Panasonic are the best plasma's, I have looked at this model and it is a fantasic picture with some excellent reviews, plasma's do not suffer from backlight bleed as they have no backlight, I think screen burn is still possible but much less with the newer models. The hz rating was used for crt tv's, a 50hz was the norm and you would get some flickering on the screen, a 100hz set was double the refresh rate and therefore you would see little or no flicker, lcd's and plasma's are flicker free, just note that the Panasonic lcd will say 100hz, this refer's to the response time with the lcd screen, this model is double which means you get less motion blurring which is common on lcd's.


Does anyone know what the sound is like on the Plasma?

I have the 32LXD700 LCD and the sound is brilliant but as I am having problems with backlight bleed I am wondering about Plasma so I can avoid this.


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