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I’m using Panasonic’s nice new DMP-BDT310 to play CDs through an Arcam Alpha 5 Plus amp and Tannoy Mercury V4 speakers and I’m happy with the sound.

I’m also connecting an HP DM1 laptop via its headphone socket to the amp’s aux input – the sound is …ok.

I was wondering if I could improve it by connecting the laptop to the Blu ray via the Blu ray’s USB input? I’m assuming that the BDT’s DAC will improve the sound – or should I just buy a stand alone DAC?

John Duncan

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Playing through the DMP-BDT310 would probably be an improvement, yes, but I think it unlikely that it'll work via USB. I would be more inclined to get your laptop running as a DLNA server (which is easier than it sounds) and then navigate to content on your laptop using what is apparently quite a nice front end on the Pan.

I'm taking it that you're running Windows - what music player are you using? Windows Media Player or iTunes or something else?


I'm running Windows 7 on the laptop and using Windows media Player.

I've actually tried using it as a DLNA server but with limited results. I can navigate/access the music files using the blu ray remote control and the TV screen but it's actually quite cumbersome. When I try to 'control' whats played from the laptop end and send (play to) music to the player I've failed. (The handbook says it's possible)

I've been trying to send from the laptop via wifi to a BT Hub2, then via ethernet cable to the bluray, then to the amp.

I've also tried sending directly to the bluray's own inbuilt wifi and that didn't work either.


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yep it is clunky.

And you can not send anything to the player in any shape or form. the only way is to use the player to access your tunes on the laptop and play them with it.

Ofcause the laptop needs to be on and be connected to the same network as the player.


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Jun 10, 2011
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Make sure that network access for all devices is allowed.

- In Windows control panel select Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center

- Then click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings in left panel

- Make sure Turn on network discovery is selected

- Scroll down to media streaming and click on Choose Media Streaming Options

- Change Show Devices on from local network to All Networks.

- Click on Allow All

- Click OK, and then Save Changes

PlayTo should then work to any device that is a digital media render(DMR). According to the blurb in the instruction manual it looks like your BD is a DMR, so it should work.

The files must be in a compatible format (eg mp3) for your BD to play them. If they are not you could use a transcoding mediaserver like Tversity instead of WMP on the laptop.

Digital Media Players (DMP) are not as fully-featured as they can only pull music from a server, you cant push stuff to them.