Kudos vs B&W vs Dynaudio


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Sep 17, 2011
Hello all,

I'm looking into the following speakers to go with my Naim Supernait.

- Kudos C10

- Kudos Super 10 (are these out yet?)

- Dynaudio Contour S1.4

- B&W 805d

My room is small, so I need a compact speaker that's not too bass heavy. I'm looking for clarity, realism, detail, versatility and a bit of warmth. Budget is 3k, but can be flexible.

I'm planning on a home demo, but wanted to gain opinions and insight from any of you that have already heard these, or owned them and had a longer time to experience them properly.

Many thanks


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Jul 2, 2009
ive not heard any kudos speakers so cant comment on them, as far as the 1.4 contours go i think they would be a bit bass heavy and overpowering in a small room, if it were me i'd be looking at the new focus range. as for the b&w's i think the 800's lack a little warmth but dont write off the small pm1's as i did enjoy hearing them once and they would suit your room size. also try to see if you can hear the small pmc twenties, any neat speakers and the new ae standmounts at your price point. hmmm then theres harbeths. sorry to add others i got carried away. (dont say ma platinums, oops sorry again)


I've heard the bigger Kudos Cardea C30s. I would describe them as detailed, polite and not that bass heavy. A very nice and easy listen, just didn't give that much more detail. If the C10s are similiar, they would be a good option.


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