iTunes VBR?


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Feb 8, 2008
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Could someone please help me understand the iTunes VBR column?

I have just converted all of my FLAC files using XLD under a 260 KBps VBR setting.

The total file size on the external HDD is now under 70GB, which I thought was rather small for an original total size of around 400GB in lossless.
After importing into iTunes, I checked the bitrate column and found that most of the music is shown at around 130 KBps.
Firstly, how is this related to the original conversion setting of 260VBR, it seems that there is no correlation?
Secondly, this final bitrate seems a bit low for 'quality' sound, admittedly, I've yet to listen, but I'm rather dismayed that I might have to spend another few days converting files all over again.

Many thanks in advance.