Ipod firmware update


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Aug 10, 2019
Has anyone else discovered issues with the latest firmware update for ipod touch?

Since doing this last week my ipod touch has an annoying popping during audio on the digital output when coupled with my Onkyo digital transport. Its worse than that I also use the ipod in the car which has a USB socket under the armrest and intergrates ipod into the cars hifi. This now jitters where it didnt before last week.

I have tried resetting and restoring but apparently you cannot restore the firmware to the previous version.

Any ideas will be much appreciated at the ipod is sounding like a twisted C90 cassette....not really what I bought it for especially when I have invested £400 for the digital transport and DAC.


Warning to everyone with an ipod touch that uses digital currently not upgraded to ios 4......dont.

I have now found various owners on the Apple site with the same issue....therefore lots of redundant ipod touch's.

Seems that it is a digital issue as the problem occurs with various brands of digital dock...not that there are many to choose from.


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