ION Systems Obelisk 100 Any Good/Worth How Much


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Aug 10, 2019
I have picked this amp up on ebay cheaply in the hope that i have got myself a bit of a bargain.

Can anyone give me any information or valuation of it. Would it stand up to todays amps up to £500

The person i bought it from opened it up and said that it had an amazing amount of quality components inside and that ION had really gone to town on it.

I know it has 60 watts but seems more powerful. I am running it with a Marantz cd63mk2KI and Mission 782SE speakers and it sounds excellent.

I am not sure if my system has more to give and would consider a second hand amp ugrade if worth doing up to £300. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 27, 2008
The ION Obelisks were cracking amps, they were viewed in the the same company as Naim and Exposure in their day and were one of the few manufactures that could satisfactorily drive Linn speakers. Royds worked well with them as well.

I had the Pre-amp and Nexus monoblocks which replaced a Naim 42/Hicap/250, excellent in it's day.

Build quality could be a bit suspect (I knew the production manager!), if it has lasted this long it is probably OK. It will no doubt benefit from a service though.

A nice smooth powerful amplifier, just like Naim and Exposure the output figure is no guide to what it can do or drive. Whilst I am not familiar with your CD player I would recommend investigating whether that can be improved, your amplifier is now probably the strongest component in your system.



Wow i did not realise it was such a good amp!! I had heard that ION amps were held in high regard so i took a chance on it.

So glad i did. Looks like i have saved myself some money by taking a chance on this!!


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