Internet/DAB radio vs a regular bluetooth speaker and content from a phone


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Dec 16, 2012
Hi everyone

I'm considering the pros and cons of buying a dedicated internet/DAB radio vs just getting a regular standalone speaker and just bluetoothing everything from a phone/tablet. For the radio I was considering the Roberts Stream 94i, which I know will be very competent at what it does and can act as a dedicated device. For around the same price I can get something like a Sonos One or the Cambridge Audio AIR 200 V2.

As far as I can see the pros of the radio are that it's a dedicated device, leaving me free to use my phone free as I wish. There'll be no need to worry about YouTube cutting out Spotify if I go for one with Spotify Connect or want to play a game, however this comes at the price of sound quality. A wireless speaker will of course have much more limited funcationality and everything will have to be sent from whatever radio/podcast app I use on my phone, but the sound is likely going to be better. Just wondering if this is something that other people have consdiered when looking into a purchase like that and what your thoughts are? Thanks

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Hi Matt,

Most of these stand alone Internet/DAB radios are for people who are less confident using applications etc or possibly don't have the internet so they can only use the DAB element. You also mentioned the other pro to them which is not having to use your phone to control the device.

Personally if I was less bothered about having to use my phone and wanted the added option of everything integrating into one amp I would go with a Sonos or Heos unit. The applications are extremely slick and easy to use. Again as you mentioned the sound quality tends to be much better. I also don't really see the point in DAB Radio if you have a solid internet connection these days. The quality via the Internet is superior.


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