John Duncan

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OK, just about to get a new iMac (for aesthetic and box-reduction purposes more than anything else, since OSX is the work of the devil). But anyhoo, my current kitchen music setup is PC into a Denon mini feeding a pair of Diamond 9.1s (yes my PC is in the kitchen), but these have to go for the same reasons. It says the iMac has "a 24w digital amplifier" - is it possible to use this to power external speakers, such as a Tangent Evo (everything has to be white)? Or is there no output and I have to use an audio out to say, some Audioengine A2s?

Note that sound quality does not need to be fabulous, it just needs to be *there*. ATC actives out of the question, sadly.......

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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There's a headphone socket on the back of the iMac to which you can connect a small pair of Apple's own speakers (I use them myself) which are supplied with a headphone jack connection, but don't think this would be up to driving a pair of conventional speakers.


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