I was just about to switch to Apple Music, but...


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Oct 30, 2019
I am on Deezer Hifi at the moment, and when Apple Music introduced lossless and hires in their regular subscription, I immediately jumped wagon (1 months trial) as a family subscription. Same price as Deezer's hifi tier for one person.
With Deezer, all my family is logged in on the same account, so unless we try to listen to music at the same time it works fine. Whenever we add a favourite track it is added to the same list, so when we are out driving and listen to music in the car, we listen to that list, so everyones taste is represented.
In case our one subscription starts getting annoying, as only one person at a time can listen, we might go for the family subscription, where you have separate accounts, and separate lists of favourite tracks. But, even though you have separate favourites lists, Deezer has this clever smart list called Family mix, that takes all your accounts favourite tracks and mix them together. Brilliant!
So, off course Apple Music has something similar. Gasp! No, they don't!
You have separate accounts within your family subscription, separate playlists and there is no way you can mix your favourites together, or actually you can, sort of. You can share your playlist with others, but they can't add to your playlists. Then you can make a smart folder on each account, and add those playlists to it, and then it should work, right. It sort of does, on you Mac or PC, but the smart playlists are not synced to your phone, so you can't play them via Carplay. And if all shared playlists amount to a total of, lets say, a 1000 tracks, not all of them are there (bug, duplicate tracks taken into account).
So, bottom line, it really surprised me, with all of Apples family sharing tricks, that there is no way of playing a mix of your shared playlists, or an automated list like Deezers Family mix.

Please correct me, I would love if I was wrong about all of the above, and Apple Music provides a similar feature like Family mix. Family Mix, not family subscription, I know they have that.
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